Christiane Von Linz, a native of Austria, is a world traveler, musician, and educator. In 1981, a bizarre encounter compelled Christiane and her older sister Elfi to quit everything and embark on a soul-searching quest.

Along the way, in quite a peculiar fashion, they discovered new talents, dubbing themselves the singing duo Evita & Christina. Launching their act in far away India, the bold sisters crisscrossed Asia and Arabia, achieving local fame amid triumph and heartache, finding a deeper understanding of what ultimately connects us all and what really matters in life.

A world citizen and multicultural fan, she has lived in Kenya, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Bahrain, India, Sri Lanka, and Maldives. Furthermore, her extensive travels have taken her to Cyprus, Singapore, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada, Tunisia, Morocco and many countries in Europe. Her writings have appeared in the Long Beach City College Literary Magazine, Verdad and one of her travel essays was shortlisted at the San Francisco Writers Conference Indie Publishing Contest. Christiane currently divides her time between Dallas, Texas, and Austria. Her upcoming  memoir tells of the challenges, triumphs, and finding purpose and meaning during an uncharted five-year journey.



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  1. Are we perhaps related? My ancestor D.C.B. von Lintzgy (probably a corruption of von Linz) arrived in India in 1784 to work for the Austrian East India Company. I cannot find out where he came from. There are still many descendants of his in India. I was born there in 1942 but came to England in 1949. We are all great travellers – Australia, Papua New Guinea, West Africa, Canada.

  2. Helga Niederl says:

    Liebe Christiane, gestern bekam ich den Tip von Frau Sageder, dass ich dich auf dieser Website finde. Ich sende dir ganz liebe Grüße! Helga Niederl —- wir kennen uns aus Abu Dhabi, ich arbeitete dort bei der “Botschaft”

    1. Liebe Helga. What a nice surprise! Of course I remember you. How are you and your son? Is he in the States? Elfi war die letzten 5 Jahre in Abu Dhabi und ist jetzt endgültig wieder in Austria mit Ahmed. Sie freut sich auch von Dir zu hören. Ihre email ist Ganz liebe Grüße aus Santa Fe. Ich freue mich auf ein Wiedersehen bei unserem nächsten Austria Trip.

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