Pancakes on the Plaza

Although Independence Day has come and gone, I’d like to share what’s been happening in Santa Fe, New Mexico for the past 43 years. Yes, 43 years! Pancakes on Plaza on Fourth of July. This fun-filled annual summer event put on by the Rotary Club of Santa Fe is not only popular with local Santa Feans but has been drawing crowds from near and far. www.pancakesontheplaza.comVolunteer Chefs

“Pancakes on the Plaza” could not have been happening without the generosity, effort and continuing commitment of a dedicated community. Over the years, local businesses and individuals have generously opened their small and big pockets, and paired with the manpower of over 500 dedicated volunteers, have made “Pancakes on the Plaza” the thing to do to celebrate America’s Independence Day.

Consider this next time you savor pancakes fresh off the griddle on the Santa Fe plaza: You’ll be one among 20,000 folks savoring pancakes throughout the morning while 12,000 pancakes made with 1,500 pints of milk are sizzling on griddles, before 14,000 sausage patties and 1000 pounds of fresh strawberries add to the ultimate yummy pancake experience. Waiting for PancakesAnd how would pancakes taste without a cup of coffee or some orange juice to go with it? To quench that thirst, 500 gallons of brewed coffee and 300 gallons of orange juice have found their way into peoples’ tummies.Savoring the PancakesA tourist favorite, “Pancakes on the Plaza” has been an ongoing fundraiser for several charitable causes to help improve the lives of many disadvantaged children around many New Mexican communities.

It’s not just pancakes that attract a colorful kaleidoscope of people to the plaza on Fourth of July. Throughout the day, the Santa Fe Vintage Car Show, arts and crafts booths, and various musical acts offer something for everyone.Brass BandThank you Rotary Club of Santa Fe, for your continuing commitment to “Pancakes on the Plaza“ in Santa Fe. Pancake Man





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  1. Jan Morrill says:

    Looks like a wonderful event!

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