Sky on Fire

Sky on Fire

Have you ever dropped everything to step out into the stunning aftermath of a thunderstorm? When the scenery prompted you to take a twirl in the moisture-tinged air?The last time I did, the clouds and blue banner of sky had transformed into a ferocious twirl of ominous shades, spewing across the horizon like a dragon. As you may know, Santa Fe is quite the place for the most spectacular mountain vistas, deep blue skies, and bold orange red sunsets. But that late afternoon as I stretched my arms skyward, the monstrous cloud train colliding with the setting sun left the sky on fire.




About Christiane Von Linz

Christiane Von Linz, a native of Austria, is a world traveler, musician, educator, and the author of the popular Blog,, reaching a world wide audience in 90 countries. From 1981-1986, her love of travel propelled Christiane and her sister as the duo Evita & Christina on a singing adventure across Africa, Asia, and Arabia, before settling in the United States with her husband Bob. Christiane currently divides her time between Long Beach, California, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Linz, Austria.

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