Into the Deep Blue

Next time you descend on Los Angeles, consider a visit to the California Science Center housed in Downtown LA’s Exposition Park. http://www.expositionpark.orgIMG_0629

Entering the modern, airy structure, one is greeted by a suspended Humpback whale replica, two slick fighter jets chasing its monstrous tail.

Entering the modern, airy structure, one is greeted by a suspended Humpback whale replica, two sleek fighter jets chasing its monstrous tail.


A fascinating array of interactive exhibits, live shows, and demonstrations presented across this state-of-the-art facility offers something to discover for everyone. Open all year round with free general admission, children and adults alike can immerse themselves in the wonders of our world, discover amazing ecosystems, learn about human inventions and innovations, and peek deep into space.IMG_0637

For a fee, breathtaking 3D movies can be watched in the IMAX Theatre next door. Dive into the fascinating blue world of Humpback wales, or take a Space shuttle ride up to the Hubble telescope. And if you rather prefer to stay on firm grounds like me, you can enter Jerusalem’s ancient gates, wandering in the footsteps of Jesus, feeling the power of this holy pilgrimage site where Jews, Christians, and Muslims have been worshipping since biblical times.

The big pride of this entertaining and educational facility is no doubt the Endeavour Space Shuttle. From its first space launch in May 7, 1992, to its final take off on May 16, 2011, this amazing flying machine flew 25 space missions, orbited the earth 4,671 times, and travelled 122, 883,151 miles in space, until it retired here in October 2012.

Now, before you move on, let me tell you about the center’s professional event planning team. Whether you are a studio exec premiering your next movie, a proud mom sending your daughter off into married life, or someone who likes to party big, consider the huge home of the floating Endeavour. How cool is that? _DSC3698And if you are a space junkie like I am, don’t miss the special upcoming exhibitions and 3 D movies starting October 29: Journey to Space and Mission 26: The Big Endeavour.

Photographs of the Endeavour Space Shuttle, courtesy of the California Science Center.


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