Summer in Santa Fe is all about colores, colors. A rich palette simmering in every event across the “City Different.” This dazzling rainbow of hues arches over the streets, sidewalks, and adobe buildings in all its splendor; shining in the bustling markets, music festivals, world-class restaurants, cozy cafes, and eclectic crowds. It’s almost blinding; the colors and creativity, stunning talent and superb craftsmanship. One of the biggest events of the season is no doubt the International Folk Market, its’ magnitude and prestige attracting art collectors and connoisseurs from near and far.IMG_0382

So, that particular weekend in July, along with three ladies friends I headed up Museum Hill to experience the buzz myself. Once we entered the area among a throng of people from near and far, we were in for a treat. Not culinary but most of all visual. Artists from every corner of the globe displayed their prized ware in the most dazzling way under white-canopied tents overlooking the city.IMG_0383

From baskets, carpets, hats, scarves, pillowcases, and tote bags to porcelain masks, clay pottery and tableware, walking through this array of creativity was a feast for the senses.IMG_0385


IMG_0402 IMG_0384IMG_0390
IMG_0406IMG_0413 IMG_0412Breathtaking. That’s how I felt as I ambled through this beautiful array of handmade creations, not knowing where to look first and what to pick for a souvenir. After several rounds, and revisiting booths, I finally bought two lovely woven baskets from Indonesia as well as two bright-colored handmade pillows from Turkmenistan.

IMG_0267Relaxing that night under the wide open desert sky, admiring the magnificent color burst of a red-yellow-orange streaks, the many faces, smiles, and beautiful things I admired at the International Folk Market danced in and out of my mind, and across this truly Enchanted Land. 




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  1. Jan Morrill says:

    So many beautiful colors–and I recognize that sky, too! Very nice, Christiane! ❤

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