Where the American Eagle Flies

Landing at Santa Fe Airport, is like arriving back in time. And that’s not just because of the different time zone here in the mountains. Depending from your point of departure, you either have gained or lost an hour or two, and have touched down at 6, 348 feet (1,935 meters) above sea level in New Mexico’s High Desert that has not seen much change. IMG_8144That’s what you think when the terra cotta control tower takes over the view in your plane window as the American Eagle jet taxis closer up to the terminal… closer… still closer… Your heartbeat off the charts, you hope the wingtip does not hit the huge window you see the plane reflected in. Is this the arrival or the departure terminal out there? It’s just one small building against the bluest blue. I see people with suitcases lined up.
The plane rolls to a halt, doors open, stairs come down, you walk off and straight into the adobe style terminal cum control tower. Charming.
Waiting for my luggage, I look around. IMG_8139One gate. Two check-in counters. This airport was definitely not build to handle big crowds. Nothing like Los Angeles International Airport. Recalling my departure at LAX, I take in this new air; think of my hometown’s Blue Danube Airport. Small. I chuckle. But big compared to this one gate terminal.
As I head out into the sunshine, I look back at the terminal, the tail of the American Eagle gleaming just around the corner. IMG_8147What a sight. I just love my little Santa Fe Airport.


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  1. Cristina Taminiaux says:

    From your description of de airport at Santa Fe, I can’t wait to come over and see it with my own eyes.

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