Triple D

DDD=Discover Downtown Denver. That’s what my hubby and I set out to do on a recent trip to the capitol city of the US state Colorado. Sprawling along the Eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains, Denver boasts a spectacular panorama, magnificent blue skies, and plenty of sunshine all year round.
No wonder this Mile-High City it’s popular with tourists, skiing in winter, hiking in summer, and companies relocating from other parts of the United States. With a population of approx. 615,000, Denver is one of the fastest growing cities in the US and supports a growing metropolitan area of almost 3 million people.

So on that glorious June day, my hubby and I put on our walking shoes and off we went to discover downtown Denver.

IMG_7335At the 16th Street Mall, riding the free shuttle along a mile-long, pedestrian promenade, we hoped on and off, exploring outdoor cafes, boutiques, and beautiful architecture. IMG_7319 IMG_7317 IMG_7363
Venturing toward the river into Lower Downtown, we soon found ourselves strolling through scenic Confluence Park. IMG_7360This urban park at the confluence of Cherry Creek and the South Platte River draws ambitious city dwellers to brave the rapids in kayaks, sprawl along the sandy riverbanks, or just admire a blended skyline of 19th-century brick warehouses and modern condominium towers. IMG_7365
If you arrive in Denver with kids, the Downtown Aquarium, the Denver Children’s Museum and Elitch Gardens, America’s only Downtown Theme and Water Park, are undoubtedly the attraction to see. But since it was just my hubby and me, and rain began falling, we skipped creating memories on one of the thrilling 53 rides and hurried back to our hotel.
So, next time you’re looking for a high, consider a flight to the Rockies. Denver’s got you covered; no matter the reason, no matter the season.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. I hope our Denver was wonderful 🙂 Certainly seems like it.

  2. brustheory says:

    I’ve been in Denver last year for two weeks, and it’s an amazing place. I miss it every single day since I came back <//3

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