World Music Day

Did you know that every year on June 21 since 1982 World Music Day is celebrated around the globe?
Don’t feel bad if you didn’t. Neither did I. Until my recent impromptu trip to Denver. That’s why I love travelling. You always learn something new. Even in this over-connected and over-informed tech age. Not that I am. I don’t even own a Smart-Phone.
So, that day, strolling up and down the 16th Street Mall, bright colored benches, IMG_7333“Make Music Denver,” painted on some beckoned and so did even brighter painted upright pianos scattered along the tree-lined, pedestrian promenade. IMG_7339 IMG_7341 IMG_7350Blues, boogie tunes, and ‘The Entertainer’ filled the air as I stood and watched in amazement fingers fly and bodies groove to the beat. IMG_7355
For the second time this year, ‘Make Music Denver,’ was celebrated, showcasing 114 bands jamming on Downtown sidewalks, parks, street corners, and in restaurants. Fashioned after the Fête de la Musique, France’s national musical holiday, Denver’s World Music Day this year was celebrated simultaneously in 520 cities around the globe.
So, next time you plan a trip to Denver, come in June and join the millions of music enthusiasts and music makers from around the globe and “Make Music
Denver.” IMG_7334


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  1. Everett Gantz says:

    Hi, Christiane,   Thank you for such a colorful present! I enjoy your communiques as you whirl around the globe.   Do you remember a fellow member of our novel workshop at LBCC, Lynne Wainfan? She and I have enjoyed an enduring friendship ever since. Lynne is an invaluable mentor/guide/critic on my journey as I create a historical novel. It’s now on draft four or so.   The subject is a huge and complex hydraulic press my father designed and manufactured during World War II which made a significant change in the fortunes of the US and our allies. There has never been any public awareness of his contribution; with any luck that may be about to change.   A couple of weeks ago Lynne, John Stacy, Audrey Berge and I met for lunch to discuss self-publishing or not plus marketing approaches for our work. I am grateful to Frank Gaspar for his teaching skills in addition to bringing us all together.   I have a weekly tap dance class and am a struggling student of Argentine tango.   Your cheerful contribution is in sharp contrast to the devastating floods in Boulder, Colorado. May they soon know happier days.   Best regards,   Everett    


  2. Cheryl Birge says:

    Dearest Christiane,
    It tickled me to get a forward of your blog from Everett via my hubby Fletch. Long time no see. So you are keeping active, visiting around the globe. I too did not have any idea about World Music Day. Thank you for making us aware.
    Cheryl and Fletch

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