20 Million Ton Impact

IMG_7526IMG_7515 IMG_7520

That’s what happened when a 26,000 miles per hour racing asteroid chunk crashed into the earth about 50,000 years ago. Thank God homo sapiens hadn’t arrived back then. Can you imagine anything like that happening today…
The result of this ancient collision lies in Northern Arizona; just 6 miles south off Interstate 40 between Flagstaff and Winslow.
Stopping at the guarded rim of the world’s best-preserved meteorite crater, I felt insignificant thinking of the energy release that caused this huge hole expanding before me. 20 million tons of TNT. The explosive fury that rocked the American Southwest can be somewhat experienced in the Visitor center’s movie theatre. Leaning back in cushioned seats, the animated, 3D modeled reenactment of the meteor’s fall through the Earth’s atmosphere sent me to the edge of my chair.
The movie still playing in my head, I looked around the crater’s 2.4 miles circumference and down 550 feet to the lowest point of it all. This Meteor Crater stretches nearly one mile across. An awe-inspiring sight.
A timeless breeze seemed to sweep across this vast ancient landscape. I lifted my gaze to the horizon and felt my husband’s nudge on my arm. Time to move on.


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