Long Beach to Santa Fe


Driving from Long Beach to Santa Fe is quite a trip. Spectacular but long. First, let me tell you about the SPECTACULAR. From the California seashore, across the California and Arizona deserts into New Mexico and up to the Sangre De Cristo Mountains ringing Santa Fe to the North, you are in for a steady climb up to 7,000 feet. Quite an adjustment and not only for your car.

Driving under the sun out of Long Beach and cutting through the mountains into the desert, IMG_6841 we headed east out of Barstow on Interstate 40 into the wide open desert landscape which expands before your windshield like a dreamy moonscape. IMG_6860

I have driven that road a few times before and every time I have done so, I have discovered something new. A new mountain range, new color hues against the blue, or the dancing shadows that the sun creates through the scattered clouds that hang over this ancient terrain. IMG_6880

Now let me tell you about the LONG. If you want to drive it in one straight shot it’ll take you between thirteen and fourteen hours. My hubby and I did it one time. Not a very good idea unless you want to be bushed for the next three days. So, every since then we have been taking it easy; stopping overnight on the road. And this time we decided to stop in Williams. More about that in my next blog.

But before stopping for the night in Williams, we did a brief detour on the Historic Route 66 and headed into in Kingman, Arizona. IMG_6850 There area few cool things about Kingman like the Historic Shopping District Downtown, the Powerhouse Visitor Center, IMG_6844 that houses an authentic ’60’s Diner IMG_6849 the Locomotive Park, and Mr. D’z Diner IMG_6851IMG_6856 and not to forget the charming train station. IMG_6857
If you’d like to learn more about Kingman check out http://www.kingmantourism.org.


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