Arabian Pearl

It has been fifteen years since I have called this lustrous Arabian Pearl my home. Feeling the soft powder white sand between my toes again after so many years, I looked at the brand new skyline of this desert metropolis skirting the blue Arabian Gulf. Glass buildings that dominated a modern skyline back then are dwarfed by futuristic skyscrapers. Some areas of the city are unrecognizable except for street names. Every major intersection and street corner has undergone a major facelift and new buildings have risen out of the ground like mushrooms. All this has been possible  thanks to the black gold that has been flowing like water since it was discovered in the sands of Abu Dhabi  in 1958. Before that most of the livelihood of this former fishing village depended on the bare hands of brave men who dove for pearls into the deep waters off the coast.  While the Emirate of Dubai bustled with trade and goods, enjoying a reputation as the regional commercial hub, the Abu Dhabi Emirate was a sleepy stretch of dried mud houses skirting a crescent shaped bay. But ever since the first oil tanker left those sleepy shores for Europe in 1962, Abu Dhabi has transformed in a dramatic way unlike any other place in the world. From the camel to the posh Mercedes, from the Bedouin tent to modern high rises, the changes that have swept across this desert land are unimaginable. From shiny glass towers and sprawling gardens along the palm lined corniche to fancy shopping malls and five star resorts gleaming against the azure blue waters of the Gulf, Abu Dhabi has become a modern metropolis where cutting edge technology and daring architectural designs dominate an ever changing skyline. Today, the bustling capital city of the United Arab Emirates stands like a shining beacon to lead the country and the entire Gulf Region into an exciting future.


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