Olympic Host

Barcelona. Where the Olympic torch burned in the summer of 1992.Stage of the 1992 Summer Olympics, the 1929 World Exhibition and the home of the famous architect Anton Gaudi. This vibrant Mediterranean metropolis, also the capital of Catalonia, was the last and shortest stop on our nine day cruise. Five short hours was all we had to see all there is. The Olympic venues, the Gaudi village, the Sagrada Familia Basilica, the Cathedral, Las Ramblas, the Montjuich Hill, the market. Impossible…I don’t know why the cruise itinerary was set in such a way that we had the least time in a city of major importance. We picked a couple of places and made the most of the short hours. Ambling down the tree lined Las Ramblas Boulevard amidst throngs of locals and tourists, we inhaled the fresh air of this pulsating city founded by the Romans. Ever since then many changes have shaped the face of this economical and cultural center brimming with architectural gems that evoke feelings of Paris, Lisbon and Vienna. The Sagrada Familia Basilica, the brainchild of famous architect Anton Gaudi, is one of the world longest building projects. The ambitious project began in 1882 and has not stopped ever since. Upon completion the structure will  stand with three facades representing the Nativity, Passion and Death of Christ  and the twelve spires will represent the twelve apostles.  Artwork of this monstrous basilica and other Gaudi architecture jumps at you from every tourist kiosk. Today Barcelona enjoys the reputation of being one of the world’s leading tourist, economic, cultural and sports centers as well as the host of trade fairs and exhibitions.


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