Ancient to Modern

This is what greeted us as strolled through the lush gardens of Valencia after exploring the old town, pretty much the usual tourist sights and attractions we have already admire in Malaga and Cadiz: Cathedrals, markets, street cafes, endless narrow lanes with historic buildings reflecting the vibrant history of this cosmopolitan metropolis. Founded by the Romans in the second century under Emperor Augustus, many splendid palaces were erected. In the eight century the Moors took over and heralded a period of extraordinary wealth which continued even after the fall of the Arabs. Valencia then became an independent kingdom and a city with a highly developed culture and legal system.

But besides the many Moorish and Gothic buildings that give Valencia quite a typical ambiance and beauty, this bustlting port city had something quite spectacular to offer. This futuristic structures are part of The City of Arts and Science,, a very unique complex built in the dried up bed of the Turia River. This enormous project was created as a leisure, training an research center in which science, technology, nature and art are equally presented.  This philosophy has been incorporated into the structural designs of each of the architectural masterpieces. Visitors can spend days roaming the extensive science museum, dive into the worlds of our oceans in the oceanographic museum and admire art in the art pavilion.


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