30 Million Years in the Making


A visit to South Tyrol or Alto Adige is not complete without admiring the stunning beauty of the majestic Dolomites dominating the region. So, this morning we played tourist. On a tour bus driving out of Bozen, our skilled driver soon navigated the huge vehicle up through narrow valleys, past steep cliffs and gushing rivers. After a daring ascent of 27 monster curves a gasp went through the bus as we climbed to the top of our first destination, Passo Pordoi (Pordoi Pass). From up here at 2,200 meters (7,200 feet), a breathtaking panorama stretched across the horizon. Indeed a grand sight. Mogul ski slopes, still green, falling against a dramatic scenery of massive peeks and valleys. It’s almost impossible to find adequate words for describing such beauty and grandeur that formed 30 million years ago. As I stood there, my gaze wandering across Cathedral like peaks, vertical cliffs and wind eroded plateaus, it became again clear to me how short and insignificant our human lives really are considering the bigger scheme of creation. As we continued our tour, snaking again downhill and up another nerve wrecking pass, I reflected on my life and how fortunate I am to be able to travel and enjoy such spectacular sights unfolding beyond my window.
Leaving this ancient white wonderland behind, we stopped in Sankt Ulrich, a  charming town in the famous Groedner Valley famous for its scenic beauty, world cup ski runs and wood carvers. On our way back to Bozen, we took the highway that paralleled the Brenero Autostrada or Brenner Autobahn. This particular stretch of freeway begins on top of the Brenner Pass, the border crossing between Austria and Italy, and runs all the way to Bozen. When it was built 50 years ago this freeway, cutting through the Eisack Valley, was lauded an engineering masterpiece. Eighty percent of the 87 kilometers (54 miles) of highway traverses valleys and gorges as it runs on top of viaducts and long tunnels through the mountains.


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  1. What you said Christiane, “I reflected on my life and how fortunate I am to be able to travel and enjoy such spectacular sights unfolding beyond my window” pretty much sums up how I feel about my travels. We are pretty friggin blessed! Fantastic shots that you’re getting, just wonderful!

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