Auf zur Jaus’n


Auf zur Jaus’n (Let’s go for a snack). With that thought in mind, we decided to hike up the hill to the Mirellen Stueberl, a popular Jausenstation (across between café and snack bar) where hikers, bikers and city folks gather to enjoy the fresh air, great view and good food. From Gallneukirchen, we ventured on a sandy trail along a bubbling creek. Further up the hill, our brisk stride took us along the path of the historic Pferde Eisenbahn, a horse railway (horse drawn carriages on rails), connecting the cities of Budweis, Linz and Gmunden. Opened in the early part of the 19th century, the rail tram was the second public rail line in continental Europe and was used mainly for transporting salt from the Upper Austrian city Gmunden in the Salzkammergut (Salt Region) to Bohemia, now Czech Republic.
By the mid 19th century a steam train replaced the section between Linz and Gmunden and by 1872 the horse tram was shut down leaving only a few traces of nostalgia behind. Thinking of the good old days, we puffed up the last incline to our destination before we caught our breath at the Mirellen Stueberl’s fruit orchard on top of the glen. To a view worth all the effort of the past 40 minutes, we forgot our achy feet as we indulged in their famous potato cheese bread and baked liver loaf bread, just two of the many home made specialties including roasted and smoked meats, cakes, pastries and donuts.


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  1. liebe christiane,
    es ist schön, deinen reisebericht zu verfolgen, ich wünsche euch noch einen wunderschönen aufenthalt, eindrucksvolle momente, wo immer euch die reise durch europa noch hinführen wird und freue mich auf weitere erfrischende einträge von dir, liebe grüße, anita

  2. Wow! Sounds yummy! The whole trip so far seems FABULOUS! I’m sure you and Bob are having as much fun as possible. =)

    Just love the blog, the set up and the photos. Rather enjoying this trip around Austria from my computer. Several of the photos look familiar, like the towns along the Rhine and Salzburg…have a feeling I may have similar photos. 😉

    So glad you’re having a grand time!


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