After a couple of rainy days the sun emerged again; just in time for our spur of the moment trip to Goldeeg im Pongau. Bob and I joined my sister Rosemary and her husband Alfred on a three day trip down memory lane. They had been to this sleepy community in the Salzburgland forty one years ago on their honeymoon. Eager to see what had changed in this 2,200 soul community, the four of us took off from Linz in their silver Nissan and headed southwest on the Austrian Autobahn towards Salzburg. At the speed limit of 130 km/hour (approx. 80 miles/hour), we cruised past the famous Sound of Music movie backdrop and after taking a few turns and navigating hills and curves, we turned into the driveway of the picturesque Hotel zur Post about 90 minutes later. From our third floor balcony, a spectacular view unrolling beyond our window left us speechless. The mountain peaks towering over the town’s white washed church steeple. The 14th century castle guarding the valley like a knight in shining armor. The pristine meadows hugging a sandy walking trail around a calm swimming lake. Later that day, we wandered the narrow streets, admiring bright red and pink geraniums cascading from window sills and balconies under gabled roofs, so common in this alpine region.


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  1. Jan Morrill says:

    Beautiful photos and your essay puts me right there. I can feel the fresh air, smell the green grass and flowers!

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