Falling Fog

This view greeted me when I pulled the curtains this morning. I felt like slipping back under the cover and hiding from the dreary world outside my bedroom window. But as I stared at the shrouded church spire in the distance, memories from my childhood surfaced and along with them a sad realization that summer was over. How much had I wanted as a ten-year old to live in a place with perpetual sunshine. A place where the leaves would not be changing colors and winter would never come. A place where the grass would not shimmer silver under the glistening morning dew but would be soft and warm like my blanket. Back in those days I didn’t know that indeed such places existed beyond the green hills of my hometown. And in the course of my life Jupiter granted me my wish, giving me my lucky break to live and play under the sun in Kenya, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Singapore, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Bahrain and now Southern California.
Like sunshine floods the beaches of my new home, clouds of fog drift into the valleys of Austria every fall starting as early as mid September. And as the days shorten with every passing week, the intensity of this unfriendly weather increases to such extent that come November, visibility quite often is next to zero, causing havoc on the roads and in the air. So, when people have asked me, “Don’t you miss Austria?” And I’d answer, “No, not really,” eyebrows would rise in surprise. “How can you leave such a beautiful place?” would be the usual response to which I simply would shrug my shoulders, saying, “It doesn’t always look like the photos in travel brochures.” Then I would just smile knowing that the images they see in their minds are the beautiful summer meadows and sun kissed mountains featured in The Sound of Music and not the grey washed landscape that is reality.


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